Tenderned applicatie

From 2013, it has been mandatory to publish government procurements on TenderNed. Dutch governmententities presents tenders on TenderNed, which can be procured by companies . The type of procurement is very diverse, for example: a gardener to keep track of municipal sports fields, building new roads or setting up a software system. It can be both large and smaller projects. HAJAinsigts, in collaboration with the Right Direction, has made this list (data) transparent on a map. The Right Direction has developed an application through C # that connects via OAuth to the geoportal of HAJA Insights. TenderNed’s data is retrieved via web services. The TenderNed data in XML format is then read out. Every XML document contains an address that is converted to a geolocation via geocoding. The combination of the original data and the geolocation are stored in a feature service. Here the Esri ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .Net is used. HAJA Insights has created a smart web map that uses this feature service. A dashboard has also been developed for deeper analisys. These data have been given a new dimension through ‘location intelligence’. Each tender has an address. This address is placed on the map by HAJAinsights and sorted by color by tender type. Here an example of these tenders on the map: